about us

I was born in 1968 in Neustadt an der Weinstraße. Since 1998 I live in Munich, where I work as an electrical engineer. Photographing probably already ran in my blood from the beginning, because my grandfather was an avid photographer who still developed his black and white images himself. For me, photography really started during my studies and the first travels with the SLR. At that time I had to abstain from all the technical support offered by the cameras today. However, I engaged myself intensively in photography only after the transition to the digital world.

Nowadays it is pretty easy to create technically perfect photos. That’s why it is more important to capture the right mood and to recognize the right moment. Of course you have to know your business as a photographer and to understand the camera. More importantly, however, you have to have the eye for the situation.

Photography for me is a hobby, a way to live out the creative side and to occupy myself with completely different topics. First and foremost I would like to share my view of things with others. If other people like my photos, I am pleased. If then, as with Photocircle, I can support social projects and help other people through my photographs, it is even more satisfying.

Excerpt from the interview on Photocircle (translation)

You can find the whole interview here (German only).